Where to eat breakfast in Point Reyes

Looking for breakfast or brunch near Point Reyes Station?

Here’s a complete list of breakfast options, from a full sit down restaurant breakfast to weekend brunch on the bay to the best pastries and coffee to go.

Breakfast & Brunch in Point Reyes Station

Weekend Brunch
Side Street Kitchen

Side Street Kitchen does brunch at the weekends, opening at 11am. They’ve got a well furnished sunny dog-friendly patio.

check out their website here

“It’s a trek for me to make it out to West Marin on a weekly basis, but if I could I would for the pork belly Benedict brunch special with poached egg and arugula. Also served on the BLTs, the meaty slab atop sliced sourdough softened by creamy hollandaise is worth a journey.”

-Leanne Battelle, Marin Independent Journal

If you’re looking for breakfast to go, or pastries and coffee, here are your options.

Palace Market
Breakfast: Deli

In the back of Palace Market, the local grocery store in Point Reyes Station, you’ll find a deli counter that makes breakfast to go. Food is made to order. Breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos—even sweet breakfasts like French Toast—can be found at the Palace Market Deli. They also have drip coffee.

Palace Market is located on the main street of downtown Point Reyes Station.

Bovine Bakery

Also on the main street of downtown Point Reyes (across the street from Palace Market), you’ll Bovine Bakery. This is a great place to pick up morning pastries and drip coffee (no espresso) or a steaming cup of chai.

Espresso counter and fabulous pastries by Stellina

Toby’s Coffee Bar
Coffee & Pastries

Toby’s Coffee Bar is tucked away on the left side of Toby’s Feed Barn, next to the Post Office. They serve drip coffee, espresso drinks and to die for pastries.

Breakfast & Brunch in Inverness

Invneress Park Market House Made Fruit Turnover


Inverness Park Market
Breakfast & Pastries: Deli

If you’re staying in Inverness, or heading through on your way out to Tomales Point Trail Elk Reserve or Point Reyes Lighthouse, stop by Inverness Park Market for breakfast, pastries and coffee.

They’ll make you a delicious breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito, lox & bagel, house made granola and such. They source local and organic, and even make their own English muffins in-house with organic flour.

You can also order espresso drinks, drip coffee and tea.

Next to the cashier you’ll find the pastry case. Do not miss this! IP Market has a fabulous in-house baker who makes the most extraordinary muffins, fruit turnovers, bear claws, classic scones. Seriously, grab one.

And, they are open at 7am. So it’s the perfect spot to grab something hot and satisfying on your way to an early hike.

If you’d rather sit down, they have patio tables in front, and around the side of the building.

here’s their breakfast menu

Breakfast & Brunch in Marshall

 Nick’s Cove
Weekend Brunch: Restaurant & Bar

Marshall CA, is on the other side of Tomales Bay from Inverness. On weekends, Nick’s Cove puts on a lovely brunch, and you can enjoy your meal either indoors with a view of the bay, or outside on their sunny bay side deck. 

It really is a spectacular location, and the restaurant is perched right on the bay. You can even order a drink at the bar and walk out to their Boat House while you wait for your table. 

It’s stunning enough to warrant a drive up to Marshall, even if you are not staying there. If at all possible, make a reservation. They start serving at 11am.

see their menu

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Beer battered and golden fried fish tacos at the Tap Room in Inverness! ⠀

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The giant wraparound deck at @BlackHeronInn has a sweeping view over Tomales Bay, Inverness Ridge and beyond. ⠀

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