View of Tomales Bay from dining room with large windows and long dining table.

The Coal and Feed

Tomales Bay Waterfront Vacation Rental

A large, bay view vacation rental in Marshall, California

Walkthrough Video Tour

Incredible Tomales Bay VIEWS | The Coal & Feed Vacation Rental in Marshall | Point Reyes

Dining room chairs and table with views of the bay through big windows.

Main Level

The main living space is on the second floor, and has a bank of windows looking out onto a mesmerizing view of Tomales Bay. 


This level has a generous amount of space to gather with friends and family — featuring two bedrooms + a sleeping loft, a bathroom, gourmet kitchen, sitting area with a wood burning stove, and a large elm dining table. 

About the Owners

The home is owned by Madeleine Fitzpatrick and her husband Evan Shively, who runs Arborica, a specialty sawmill just 5 minutes away. You’ll notice a lot of unique wood features throughout the home, and these are from the sawmill which exclusively utilizes locally salvaged woods growing in Northern California.

Evan is a former chef, so the kitchen is thoughtfully stocked with top of the line appliances and tools for a gourmet cooking experience. If you enjoy cooking, you will really appreciate this kitchen.

Madeleine is an painter, and you’ll find her original artwork throughout the home.

Ground Floor

Converted from its original purpose as a boatworks, this large, open floor has a magnificent sycamore live edge table as the centerpiece. Off to one side is a lounging area with a wood burning stove, and a door that gives onto one of the decks overlooking Tomales Bay.

Floor level room with large table.

Storied Past

The Coal and Feed was built in 1870 as a warehouse that served the needs of local farmers with supplies such as hay and fuel. At that time, Hwy 1 was a narrow guage railroad and what is now Hog Island Oyster Co was the train station. Hay and coal were boated over to Inverness to the dairy farmers who sent back their milk. The milk was made into butter and put into containers at the creamery, the red building next door to The Coal and Feed. In 1970 the building transitioned to boat making, where a family lived above and the boatworks was below.

The current incarnation of The Coal and Feed is a mix of preserved history and modern luxury. 

View of Tomales bay from a bed with pillows.

Love Shack

You’ll fall in love with this private room, separate from the main house and perched right over the bay. This is definitely one of the most romantic and magical rooms you’ll ever sleep in.


One entire wall opens to the bay via two large shutter doors, leaving nothing between you and the pristine waters of Tomales Bay except a clear glass rail.

Unique Waterfront Lodging

The Coal and Feed is the perfect choice for a romantic northern California getaway or a gathering of family and friends. The location provides not only one of the most spectacular views of the bay, but also an intimate connection with it. The property is perched over the water, and you’re sure to settle right into the rhythm of life on the bay — the sounds, the wildlife, the tides. It’s as close as you can get without being on a boat.

The property sleeps 4. 

Two deck chairs on the deck, overlooking expansive views of Tomales Bay.


There is a small private yard with an open fire grill and a picnic table, perfect for grilling oysters from Hog Island Oyster Co., which is just next door.

Two sunny decks with sweeping views of Tomales Bay invite you to relax and experience the life and moods of the bay.

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Front gate with abalone shell handles.