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Röntgen Trio

This trio was farmed in 2017 in response to a need to perform some wonderful yet under-appreciated works by the German-Dutch composer Julius Röntgen, pianist Mark Anderson has set out to perform all 5 Röntgen piano trios over the course of two years, one of which will be performed in the intimate setting of a …

Jahari Stampley Live

House Concerts on Innerness Ridge Jahari Stampley is emerging as a modern innovator in the jazz piano world. Having played many of the world’s most prestigious venues before the age of 22, in a few short years, Jahari is recognized as a prolific pianist, composer, producer, and educator. He began playing piano at the age …


Alex conde Jazz Flamenco

Spanish virtuoso pianist Alex Conde presents ''Jazz and Flamenco,'' a solo piano concert full of energy and sensitivity. He will play original compositions and arrangements of music by Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell, from his albums Descarga for Monk and Descarga for Bud, both praised by Downbeat Magazine and All About Jazz.


Matt Von Roderick

Celestial Heart Tour Matt Von Roderick may be the alternative jazz crooner-trumpeter we’ve been waiting for. With equal parts innovative jazz virtuosity and heart-centered vocals, trailblazer Von Roderick mines the essence of classic jazz, rock, and electronica on CELESTIAL HEART and hits his mark. Featuring legendary drummer Jim Keltner (John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Steely Dan), …

Tord Gustavsen Trio

Don't miss this house concert up on the Inverness Ridge -- two shows, one starting at 4 and the next at 7. Get your tickets in advance. "You can call it obsession, the consistent and involuntary song of a melancholy soul... I admire Mr. Gustavsen's professional discipline to strap himself to the strategy that works …


Free Waves Trio

Get your tickets to see the newly formed Free Waves Trio -- an exciting new project of Jaron Lanier, Tim Jackson, and Zack Olsen.