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Menu Spotlight: Side Street Kitchen’s Tri Tip Sandwich

Side Street Kitchen, just off the main drag in Point Reyes Station, is best known for their ethically sourced, slow roasted meats. The trifecta here: rotisserie chicken, pork belly and tri tip.

Out front, planters filled with flowers and herbs line a spacious patio, where friendly dogs are welcome. Inside the front door, a mounted roll of butcher paper unfurls to display daily specials. Potted succulents along the bar, festive orange light fixtures, and a playful hand-painted mural all work together to create a dining area that strikes a fine balance between chic and cozy.

As expected, their slow roasted meats are outstanding, but Side Street gets all the details right on the tri tip sandwich: peppery local arugula, house made signature red-onion jam, a nice punch from house made harissa aioli, smoked portobello mushroom and a bit of tangy feta cheese make this incredibly flavorful from start to finish. Even the bun is a freshly baked, pillowy ciabatta, good to the last bite.

What to drink

Drinks that go especially well with the Tri Tip Sandwich:

Cinnamon-Plum Ice Tea
McEvoy’s Saimuun Sangiovese
Anderson Vally Brewing Co.’s Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout



(415) 663-0303

60 4th St., Point Reyes Station

open daily

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