Until tomorrow...it’s day by day folks. Today it worked well allowing only one party in at a time to place an order. We sanitized the computer screens every time and posted menus rather than have people touching them. We started out with only 2 chairs at each table outside for waiting but with people moving the chairs all around we’ve had to nix that for tomorrow. Please be safe people and respect the 6ft distance order. We are happy to serve you and want us all to stay well. #coronadays #pointreyes #sidestreetkitchen ...

Tomorrow! Saturday 3/21 - local lunch delivery from 12-2pm (Point Reyes Station, Olema, Inverness Park & Inverness) $5 delivery fee. Call 415-663-0303

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Sooooooo ready to deliver food for @sidestreet_prs & @stationhousecafe starting tomorrow!! Lunch deliveries - Side Street Kitchen from noon to 2pm
(415) 663-0303

Dinner deliveries - Station House Cafe from 4pm to 7pm
(415) 663-1515

My car has never been so clean 🧼
Sprayed with disinfectant - Vacuumed - Steamed - Wiped with disinfectant - Sprayed once more ✨
Station House Cafe & Side Street Kitchen are already providing incredibly sanitary pick-up/drive-up options and food is priced at an extremely discounted rate.
Starting tomorrow I will be running deliveries straight from the kitchen. The food will go from the kitchen, to a sterilized plastic bin inside of my trunk. After driving to the drop off location I will be opening my trunk, putting on gloves, wiping down the exterior of the bin, grabbing the bagged food, placing it on the doorstep, and alerting whoever the heck it is of its arrival, verbally. The sanitary wipe and gloves will then be disposed of in a closed plastic bin inside of my vehicle.
In the front set of my car I have backup wipes, backup sanitizer, and my first aid kit.
Also!! If you would like to leave a tip, please do so over the phone when ordering. I DO NOT feel comfortable taking cash, as much as I would LOVE to do so.
You can place orders for pickup and delivery by calling... Side Street Kitchen (415) 663-0303

Station House Cafe (415) 663-1515 .
#pointreyes #sidestreetkitchen

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