Dear neighbors,

In light of covid concerns and restrictions, you may be wondering if it’s safe to hike Point Reyes, if the park is open, if lodging is open and if you will be able to get food. You’ll also want to know what our local businesses are doing to keep you, and all of us, safe. 

Masks are mandatory

We want to protect service staff at local businesses, our community members and visitors. Our local shops and restaurants are working hard to provide a safe environment. Please help us by maintaining social distance and hand hygiene when interacting with them. One way to help is to wear a mask and sanitize your hands before entering store buildings or picking up restaurant takeout.

The county has mandated that wearing a mask is mandatory before entering buildings like restaurants, grocery and shops. It’s also mandatory in indoor common areas of lodging businesses.

Is the park open?

Yes, though some areas remain closed. It’s best to check current closure notices before planning your visit.

Go here for current National Park closures (Point Reyes National Seashore)

Current Covid Restrictions

Please check here for the latest Marin County covid status and restrictions.


Yes. Please consult our dining guides. Hours may be shortened and menus may be more limited than usual as restaurants pare down to fewer menu items temporarily.

Conditions continue to fluctuate, and we’re trying to keep information as up to date as possible, but to be certain you can contact individual restaurants to confirm or check their facebook pages.


Yes! Please refer to individual business websites in our Lodging Guide to plan your overnight visit to Point Reyes and the surrounding areas

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